Location: Reedsford Road, Myrtle Point, Oregon

Acres: 0.730 (Actual usable area approximately 1/4 acre)

Tax Map ID: 29S 12W 17A 700


Zoning: CR- Commercial Residential

     Uses: Single Family Residence is permitted, as long as complying with flood hazard regulations. Property can be built upon, according to Stuntzner Engineering statement (see engineering page).

     Note: Recreation Vehicle use may be possible with City Planning Department approval for renewable 60 day periods.


Legal Description:

Begin 1,046.76 feet South and 1,615.02 feet West of the corner common to Sections 8, 9, 16 & 17, Township 29 South, Range 12 West of the Willamette Meridian, Coos County, Oregon; thence South 7° 00' West 264 feet to the true point of beginning: thence West 112 feet, more or less, to the bank of the Coquille River; thence Northeasterly along the bank of the Coquille River to the West boundary of the Reedsford Road; thence South 7° 00' West, along the West boundary of the Reedsford Road, 225 feet, more or less, to the true point of beginning.

Other Disclosures:

1. Being riverfront, property is located in flood plain.
Note: Neighbors say some years they are not flooded out but, if they are it is usually only once or twice a year (probably in February) for a day or two. They spend the night in a local hotel.

2. Any permit to build a structure is subject to a registered civil engineer's certification that the structure will not cause a 1 foot increase in flood levels.


     Note: Stuntzner Engineering reports that a 2,500. square foot building pad could be built that will comply with these regulations. (See Engineering page).

     Alternative to using fill, a structure could be built up on poles, posts or pilings. This would be less expensive and could provide parking areas under the dwelling.

3. No Manufactured homes or trailer homes allowed in Myrtle Point city limits.

4. Property tax is approximately $70. per year.


5. System Development Charges are $2,000. for sewer (recently reduced from $7,800.) and $1,500. for water. The SDC's are separate from connection charges. The connection charge for a new water service is $760 and for a new sewer service is $650. (According to the City, their maps show a preexisting sewer service so the $650, may not be needed.)

6. Property is wooded but, a trail has been cleared for access to the river and building site, which has also been hand cleared.